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Wandervale EC – News About Executive Condominium (EC)

Khaw Boon Wan – Executive Condominium (EC) is a wonderful scheme with very affordable prices. “It’s like offering you a Lexus at the price of a Corolla.”


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Top 5 Reasons Why Purchase An Executive Condominium (EC)?

  • Affordability – Typically EC is about 15-20% lower in price compare to Private Condominum in the same area.
  • CPF Housing Grant – First Timer enjoys up to $30,000 grant.
  • Potential For Capital Appreciation – Due to the fact that EC are priced lower than a private condominium, Owners of EC home gets to maximize capital appreciation gain once the 5 years MOP is met and fully privatized.
  • Full Condominium Facilities – EC is just like a private condominium and home owners gets to enjoy the amenities and facilities provided.
  • Only the Privileged can buy EC – Buyers Of EC needs to be at least a Singaporean applicant and fulfill certain eligibility criteria in order to purchase a unit.
wandervale ec enjoys price edge over condo